AMEE Partner with AUTODESK

AMEE have partnered with Autodesk to bring environmental data to the source of the design process. We have joined the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) to create plugins in order to bring AMEE’s rich business, environmental and energy data to Autodesk designers, architects, engineers and creators.

At AMEE we are increasingly exploring product interventions that can improve business efficiency for tackling impact on the environment, whether it be compliance, decision making, procurement, supply chain risk, understanding embodied energy etc. Our partnership with Autodesk is one step towards improving and giving greater access to our users and giving more ways that this kind of data can improve our business decisions. 

Recently AMEE + IBM won the Climathon in London during which we learnt some valuable lessons on building products quickly using extreme design and programming techniques which we will use during building tools for Autodesk. We aspire to undertake more events like this in the ‘Built Environment’ area so more people can use AMEE data and improve their practice, this will allow us to create a faster iterative improvement way of building meaningful and useful tools for our users.


Take a look at what we are building. 

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